Leon Unglik Brews Up a Storm as a Coffee Shop Entrepreneur

Leon Unglik stands proudly outside his new business
Credit: Victoria Davies

At age 30, Leon Unglik moved from Melbourne to New York to take a position with a law firm and explore lifein the US. A year later, he left his legal career to enter the restaurant industry and eventually opened his own coffee shop on Lexington Avenue in 2013. With a distinctive Australian character, the café Little Collins, opened in 2013, has proved itself popular with both New Yorkers and Aussies alike – a merging of cultures that Unglik himself embodies. New York has given Unglik the independence and autonomy that was greatly missing from his old suburban life in Australia. He not only set up his own successful business but also also married an old friend from high school and became a dad. Despite this success, the parochial quiet of Australia has lured the young family back so that their son can grow up within their family community. Unglik, however, is confident that he’ll return to New York someday. Continue reading


Public Dispute over the Pope’s Global Significance

Crowds Gathering on 5th Avenue to see the Pope
Credit: Maddy Streets

Pope Francis’ arrival in New York City on 24th September heralded the influx of travelers desperate for a glimpse of the Catholic leader, but many native New Yorkers remained disinterested in the Papal visit. Opinion of the Pope was similarly varied.  While his good work and progressive views are widely lauded, his overall influence is still heavily disputed.  From speaking to the public it quickly becomes apparent that while Catholics are optimistic about his global standing, there are many skeptics who see religious figures as decreasingly important in the modern world. Continue reading

Couture Fashion Week: Bringing the Public to the Front Row

Behind the scenes at Lourdes Atencio, Couture Fashion Week
Credit: Maddy Streets

High up in the Crowne Plaza Times Square showroom, the excitement was tangible. Photographers adjusted their lenses and took test shots, while teenagers took selfies with their iPhones. A fashion insider strutted to the front row to take her seat beside a cluster of women who chattered amongst themselves, a birthday badge pinned flamboyantly to one of their blazers. As the pulsing music began to beat louder and louder, opportunists jumped up onto the stage and posed for photos, able to pretend the crowd was here for them. In the wings, an assistant fretted over a hem as the models began to line up. The room thrummed with energy. Then the music reached its crescendo, the lights dimmed and the crowd finally fell quiet.

Couture Fashion Week was in session.

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Central Park Lake in Summer: The Marriage of Manhattan and Nature

Bow Bridge, Central Park, New York
Credit: Maddy Streets

There’s the sound of oars frantically slapping water, then excited squeals of anticipation and finally the thud of wood hitting wood. Amidst the tranquility of the clear waters of Central Park Lake, two over-enthusiastic rowboats have collided.

Perhaps one of the most universally appealing locations in all of Manhattan, the lake and its surrounding lawns are packed on this Labor Day afternoon. The stifling heat has rendered all but the most valiant of birds silent; but New Yorkers are more resilient. In their hordes they seek out the water, the vast expanse a soothing oasis in the middle of metropolis. Families, gaggles of girlfriends, solo travelers and wistful couples all find themselves slowing at the sight of the water and, most majestically, Bow Bridge.

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