screen-shot-2016-12-28-at-9-04-29-pmI’m a twenty-something British journalist who likes to write about fashion, feminism and everything in between. In December 2016, I graduated with a Masters degree in Journalism from New York University and am now pursuing a full-time writing career, with a fallback in baking brownies.

A Londoner born-and-bred,Β I blame that crazy city for my fascination withΒ the complexities of people and the environments and art that they create. Traveling further afield has only strengthened this; I know that discovering and telling these stories is the only thing I want to be doing. Since moving to the US in 2015, I have branched out into working with video and photography, but still have a soft spot for my first love: print.

Outside of journalism, I’mΒ an avid Arsenal FC fan, enthusiastic baker, amateur singer and relentless talker. Sometimes I miss a good cup of tea, my sausage dog Daphne and the soft drizzle that England seems to have perfected like nowhere else. For now, though, you’ll find me in New York.