screen-shot-2016-12-28-at-9-04-29-pmI’m a twenty-something British journalist who likes to write about fashion, feminism and everything in between. In December 2016, I graduated with a Masters degree in Journalism from New York University and am now pursuing a full-time writing career while working as an executive assistant, with a fallback in baking brownies.

A Londoner born-and-bred, I have cultivated a fascination with the complexities of people and the environments and art that they create. Traveling further afield has only strengthened this; I know that discovering and telling these stories is the only thing I want to be doing. Since moving to the US in 2015, I have branched out into working with video and photography, but still have a soft spot for my first love: print.

Outside of journalism, I’m an avid Arsenal FC fan, enthusiastic baker, amateur singer and relentless talker. Sometimes I miss a good cup of tea, my sausage dog Daphne and the soft drizzle that England seems to have perfected like nowhere else. For now, though, you’ll find me in New York.

Download a PDF of my resume here:
Madeleine Streets Resume